• del Vayo, Alvarez

    (1890-1975), Minister of Foreign Affairs of the second Spanish Republic who lived in exile in Mexico, the United States and Switzerland.
  • Valéry, Paul

    1871-1945, important French poet in the first half of the 20th century, member of the Académie francaise and Professor for Poetry at the Collège de France, who refused to cooperate with the occupying forces during the Second World War.
  • Villard, Oswald Garrison

    1872-1949, American journalist and writer, publisher of the liberal magazine The Nation, supporter and later treasurer of the American Guild.
  • Vinaver, Chemjo

    1895-1973, Polish conductor, composer and musical theorist who studied in Warsaw and Berlin, then became conductor at Berlin’s New Synagogue. Married the writer Mascha Kaléko in 1938, and emigrated to the USA in the same year. Move to Jerusalem in 1960.
  • Visum

    A permit from a foreign country stamped in the passport that allows the passport holder to enter the respective country. Some countries also issue exit visas, without which it is not possible to leave the country in question.
  • Vochoč, Vladimír

    (1894-1984) lawyer and diplomat. Czechoslovakian Consul in Marseilles from 1939 to 1941