• Paepcke, Walter Paul

    1896 – 1960, President of the Container Corporation of America, gave his financial support to the School of Design in Chicago, was a sponsor of László Moholy-Nagy and founder of the Aspen Institute.
  • Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista (POUM)

    Political party founded in 1935 with a regional focus on Catalonia, fought in the Spanish Civil War between 1936 and 1939 against the military putschists surrounding Francisco Franco, banned in 1937 with residual political groups in French exile.
  • Patria

    (Latin: Fatherland), name of a refugee ship
  • Penck, A. R.

    1939 born in Dresden, real name Ralf Winkler (pseudonymous names: Mike Hammer, T. M., Mickey Spilane, a. Y. or only Y), german painter, graphic designer and sculptor
  • Pétain, Philippe

    1856-1951, French military commander and politician. Pétain advanced  as Commander-in-Chief of the French army in World War One to become the “Hero of Verdun” and acted as head of state of the Vichy Regime from 1940 to 1944.
  • Poelzig, Hans

    (1869-1936) was German architect and an important representative of Expressionism in architecture.

  • Polder

    an area which lies lower than the surrounding water, for example reclaimed land
  • Politburo of the Central Committee of the SED

    Committee of approx. 15-20 high SED party functionaries; carried out important daily work in everyday politics and only passed on its decisions to the formal state executive organ, the Council of Ministers, for execution
  • Porset, Clara

    1900-1981, Cuban interior designer, living in Mexico City
  • Poulenc, Francis Jean Marcel

    (1899-1963), French pianist and composer.
  • Pringsheim, Peter

    (1881-1963), physicist, brother of Katia Mann, exiled in Belgium, deported from there to an internment camp in France, 1940 flight to the US.
  • van Praag, Siegfried

    (1899-2002), Dutch writer