• Jacques, Olly

    whose first name was actually Olga, née Hübner, 1878-1949, German actress. Lived after 1909 in Switzerland, where she provided accommodation for many artists in her home in Carabietta. 
  • Janka, Charlotte

    1914-2012, German translator and publicist, emigrated to France following active political involvement as a communist; continued to Mexico in 1941, remigration to the GDR in 1947
  • Janka, Walter

    1914-1994, German publisher and dramatist, emigrated from Spain to France in1939, from 1941 exile in Mexico; political and publishing activities there, among other things as head of exile publishing house El Libro Libre; remigration in 1947 to the GDR, where he was imprisoned and then later pardoned
  • Jockisch, Walter

    1907-1970, opera director, second husband of Grete Weil, married in 1960
  • Johnson, Alvin

    1874-1971, American economist, initiator and founding president of the University in Exile at the New York School in New York
  • Jourgaz-Verlag

    founded by Mikhail Kolzov. The largest magazine publishing house of the Soviet Union until its dissolution in 1938.
  • Jüdischer Rat

    The Jewish Council for Amsterdam was founded in February 1941 by the German occupying forces as the central organ for the Jewish population; it existed until the deportation of its last members in September 1943