• International Red Aid

    Refugee aid by the Communist Parties of Germany and Austria (KPD and KPÖ)
  • International Revolutionary Theatre Association (IRTB)

    socialist professional organisation for people working in theatre; set up in Moscow in 1933 out of the International Workers’ Theatre Movement
  • Internationaler Sozialistischer Kampfbund [International Socialist Militant League]

    The International Socialist Militant League (ISK) was founded in 1925 by Göttingen physicist Leonard Nelson (1882-1927) as a splinter group of the SPD. The ISK publishing organ Der Funke published an urgent appeal in 1932 and 1933 by well-known people concerning a fusion of the SPD (Social Democrats) and KPD (Communists), in order to prevent the Nazis from establishing a dictatorship.
  • Isherwood, Christopher

    (1904-1986), English writer, lived from 1939 in the United States
  • Ismailism

    Ismailism, a Shiite Islam movement which recognizes Ismail (d. 760) as the successor of the Prophet Mohammed.