• Volga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

    1924 – 1941 autonomous republic in the Soviet Union with a German-speaking population whose descendants had emigrated to Russia in the 18th century following an edict by Catherine the Great.
  • Walden, Herwarth

    1871 – 1941, writer, publisher and musician, moved tot he Soviet Union in 1932
  • Weguelin Vieira, Milton César de

    1890-?, Brazilian diplomat, helped obtain Brazilian entry visas for the Görgen group.
  • Weil, Edgar

    dramaturge, first husband of Grete Weil, married in 1932, emigrated together with Grete Weil to the Netherlands, murdered in 1941 in Mauthausen concentration camp
  • Weil, Simone

    1909-1943, French philosopher, emigrated via the USA to England in 1942 where she was active in the French Resistance for Charles De Gaulles; died of anorexia
  • Weimar Republic

    A phase in German history that began after the First World War in 1918 and ended in 1933 when the Nazis seized power.
  • Weiskopf, Franz Carl

    1900-1955, German Jewish writer from Prague, collaborated on anti-Fascist and Communist newspapers; exiled in Paris and the USA.
  • Wells, Herbert Georg

    (1866-1946) was an English novelist who became best known for his science fiction.

  • Wertheim, Maurice

    (1886-1950), American banker, President of the American Jewish Committee
  • Westland

    A radical democratic magazine founded in 1933 with its publishing base in Saarland. When the Treaty of Versailles came into force in 1920, the Saar region was placed under the mandate of the League of Nations until its reunion with Germany in 1935. Many of the German authors who initially went into in exile in the Saar region published in Westland.
  • Wigman, Mary

    (1886 - 1973), real name Karoline Sofie Marie Wiegmann, German dancer, choreographer, pioneer of rhythmically expressive free dance (New German Dance).
  • Wilder, Thornton

    1897-1975, US author who wrote novels, short stories, plays and essays.
  • Wilhelm, Kurt

    (1900-1965): a liberal Rabbi from Germany, led the Emet and Emuna Synagogue in Jerusalem, and Chief Rabbi in Sweden from 1948 until his death
  • Williams, Tennessee

    1911 – 1983, American writer
  • WIZO

    Women’s International Zionist Organisation, international charitable women's organisation
  • Wolff, Theodor

    (1868-1943), editor and writer, from 1906 until 1933 editor-in-chief of the Berliner Tageblatt
  • Wotruba, Fritz

    1907-1975, Austrian sculptor; exiled in Switzerland and remigrated to Austria in 1945.