• Nansen passport

    An identity document for stateless refugees, introduced in 1922. It was named after Fridtjof Nansen, the League of Nations’ High Commissioner for Refugees.
  • Nathan, Ilse

    Born in Berlin in 1909, harpist, pianist. Nothing more is known about this musician.
  • National Committee for a Free Germany

    association of German POWs (soldiers and officers) and emigrants in the Soviet Union, founded in 1943. President: Erich Weinert
  • Nationalsozialistischer deutscher Studentenbund

    Collegiate sub-organisation of the NSDAP, founded in 1925
  • Negrín, Juan

    (1892-1956), Spanish Prime Minister from May 1937 until the end of the second Spanish Republic in March 1939
  • Neubauer, Theodor

    1890 – 1945, politician, sociologist, lived together with Lucia Moholy from 1929, was interned after his arrest in August 1933 in various concentration camps and beheaded on 5 February 1945 in Brandenburg Prison.
  • Neumann, Adolf

    1878-1953, German publisher, Director of Rütten & Loening Verlag until 1936. Exile in Norway, worked as university lecturer there. Escaped onward to Sweden, held different managerial positions at publishing companies.
  • Nicholson, Ben

    (1894-1982), British painter and object artist, was a member of the Abstraction-Création art movement. An abstract art society, the so-called Penwith Society of Artists, formed around him and his second wife Barbara Hepworth.

  • NKWD

    People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, interior secret service in the Soviet Union, responsible in the 1930s and 1940s for arbitrary arrests, banishment, torture and executions during Stalin’s reign of terror.
  • Norden, Ruth

    1906 – 1977, German playwright, head of the foreign department at publishing house S. Fischer Verlag, emigrated in 1934, worked as a reader for publisher A. Alfred Knopf
  • Notbücherei

    1942 in Brasilien von dem emigrierten Theaterregisseur Willy Keller gegründeter Exilverlag; Aufgrund von Geldmangel und dem Verbot deutschsprachiger Verlags- und Publikationstätigkeiten erschien 1943 nur ein einziges Heft) -> würde ich weglassen, da bereits im Text selbst erläutert
  • Notgemeinschaft deutscher Wissenschaftler im Ausland (Emergency Association of German Scientists)

    Aid organisation set up by emigrants in Switzerland that offered assistance to scientists and academics in particular
  • November Group,

    founded on 3 December 1918 in Berlin, association of left-wing artists, included 170 visual artists and musicians, often from an expressionist background. Many members went into exile. The group was deleted from the association register in 1935.
  • Nowak, Willy

    1886-1977, German-Czech painter and graphic artist, professor at the Prague Academy of Arts, where he gave painting classes.