•  Comité Democratico Alemania Libre en Colombia

    founded in 1943, sub-organisation of the National Committee for a Free Germany in Latin America
  • Calder, Alexander

    (1898-1976) was a Modernist American sculptor and member of the Abstraction-Création art movement.

  • Camartin, Iso

    *1944, Schweizer Publizist, Schriftsteller, Fernsehmoderator und 1985-1997 Professor für Rätoromanische Literatur und Kultur an der ETH in Zürich.
  • Capec, Karel

    1890-1938, Czech writer
  • Cárdenas, Lázaro

    Lazaro Cardenas del Rio, 1895-1970, Mexican politician and general, from 1934-1940 President of the Republic of Mexico.
  • Caritas-Notwerk

    Aid organisation set up in 1934 to assist Catholic “non-Aryans”
  • Carow, Heiner

    1929-1997, German film director, first film in 1952, from 1957 onwards director at DEFA, made several popular feature films for cinema, among these Die Legende von Paul und Paula (1973), mainly worked in television following Reunification
  • Castro Leal, Antonio

    1896-1981, Mexican lawyer, literary scholar and diplomat, 1928 - 1929 Rector of Universidad de México (UNAM).
  • Cervantes, Miguel

    Eigtl. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, 1547(?)–1616. Spanischer Schriftsteller, Autor des Don Quijote, das als Hauptwerk der spanischen Literatur gilt. Das Werk erschien 1605 und 1615 in Madrid.
  • Cézanne, Paul

    1839–1906, French Impressionist painter, one of the most influential painters of early modern times.
  • Chagall, Marc

    1887-1985, French painter of Russian-Jewish origin, lived and worked, among others, in Paris, St. Petersburg, Berlin and New York, often used Bible and circus motifs, is categorised as an Expressionist
  • Chaplin, Charles

    1889-1977, English actor and director, became world famous as a comedian.

    Comité inter mouvements auprès des évacués. 1939 gegründete christliche Hilfsorganisation in Frankreich, die sich bis heute für Geflüchtete einsetzt.
  • Citroen, Paul

    (1896-1983) Bauhaus graduate. He moved in 1927 to Amsterdam where he founded the Nieuwe Art School along similar principles to the Bauhaus. The school was closed in 1943 by the Nazis. He maintained contact with many Bauhaus members.

  • Cooper, Duff

    (1890-1954), English politician, writer, and diplomat
  • Coppola, Horacio

    1906-2012, Argentinian photographer, studied in Germany at the Bauhaus, was married to photographer Grete Stern, returned to Argentina in 1936
  • Courteline, Georges

    1858-1929, French dramatist and novelist, known for his satires of everyday life, the military and the civil service.
  • Lucius D. Clay

    1897 – 1978, was a General in the US Army and, following the war, was deputy military governor until 1947 and then military governor until 1949 of the American occupied zone.