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  • Photo: Ulrich Becher in St. Moritz, 1930s

    Ulrich Becher

    Born 2 January 1910Died 15 April 1990Writer
    *** Please also visit the special exhibition Ulrich Becher ***   When the Nazis took power in Germany in the spring of 1933, Ulrich Becher was at the beginning of a promising career as a writer. He was just 23 years young when – according to his own recollections – his first published work, the well-received collection of novellas Männer machen Fehler (Men Make Mistakes), published in 1932 by Rowohlt, fell victim to the Nazi book burnings of 10 May 1933.
  • Painting: Max Beckmann, Released

    Max Beckmann

    Born on 12 February 1884Died on 27 December 1950Painter
    *** Visit the special exhibition Max Beckmann ***The ten years that the painter spent mainly in Amsterdam make up a separate, important era in his life and creativity. Immediately before this, there were five years in Berlin.
  • Akbar Behkalam, painter

    Akbar Behkalam

    Born on 16. September 1944Painter
    Akbar Behkalam achieved his school qualifications at an art school in the Iranian town of Tabriz and also completed his degree in art there from 1961 to 1964. After doing his military service in the Iranian part of Kurdistan, he studied art at the Institute of Fine Arts in Istanbul between 1967 and 1972.
  • Elisabeth Bergner, actress

    Elisabeth Bergner

    Born on 22 August 1897Died on 12 May 1986Actress
    Elisabeth Bergner's success on the stage began with Max Reinhardt’s production of As You Like It on 25 April 1923: “Bergner! Bergner! cheered the gallery. And those of us who were there bowed our heads and blessed her and wished her all the best.
  • Richard A. Bermann, writer

    Richard Arnold Bermann

    Born on 27 April 1883Died on 5 September 1939Journalist, Writer
    Viennese writer and journalist Richard A. Bermann came to fame under the pseudonym Arnold Höllriegel. One of the leading journalists in the German-speaking world, he published articles in the Theater-Courier, Die Woche, the Berliner Tageblatt, the Vossische Zeitung and, particularly after 1918, Der Friede and Der Neue Tag.
  • Wolf Biermann, writer and musician

    Wolf Biermann

    Born 15 November 1936Musician, Writer
    Wolf Biermann already moved to the GDR of his own volition as a young man and, in the early 1960s began to write songs and poems which also dealt critically with the political and social situation in socialist East Germany. For this reason, the artist found himself increasingly subjected to restrictions by the authorities.
  • Ilse Bing, photographer

    Ilse Bing

    Born on 23 March 1899Died on 30 March 1998Photographer
    Ilse Bing found her way to photography while she was studying art history. Her early works included photographs of the avant-garde buildings constructed for the urban development programme Das neue Frankfurt (The New Frankfurt), which got under way in the mid-1920s under the direction of architect Ernst May.
  • Woodcut: David Ludwig Bloch

    David Ludwig Bloch

    Born on 25 March 1910Died on 16 September 2002Painter, Graphic designer
    As a deaf painter, Bloch had an exceptionally keen eye. He made the new world, which he experienced as an emigrant in Shanghai his own by unlocking its imagery.
  • Photograph: Rainer Bonar: self-portrait

    Rainer Bonar

    Born on 29 February 1956Died on 27 November 1996Painter, Graphic designer
    Rainer Bonar (real name Rainer Lietzke) often caused offence, deliberately. He was arrested for the first time by the GDR authorities in 1973, when he painted his triptych Schießbefehl.
  • Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz, Writer

    Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz

    Born on 19 April 1915Died on 29 October 1942Writer
    Only a little is known about the life of writer Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz, due not least to the circumstances of his exile. His childhood was largely Protestant.