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  • Eva Herrmann: caricature of Albert Einstein

     Eva Herrmann: Caricature portrait of Albert Einstein (circa 1931)

    Eva Herrmann’s drawing of Albert Einstein was likely produced in 1931. It is possible that the painter and the physicist made each other’s acquaintance in New York.
  • List: Youth Aliyah

    “Ausrüstungsbogen für Knaben” issued by the Youth Aliyah (1935)

    On 19 November 1935, Henrietta Szold, Director of the Youth Aliyah office in Jerusalem, sent this “Ausrüstungsbogen für Knaben” (form listing provisions for boys) to journalist, bookseller and photographer Walter Zadek in Tel Aviv. Zadek had been living in Palestine since 1933 after fleeing there from Berlin by way of the Netherlands.
  • Concert programme: A Night of Refugee Stars

    A Night of Refugee Stars, concert programme (1939)

    A few months after his arrival in the USA, violinist Friedrich Polnauer appeared alongside other artists such as pianist Martha Pollak and cellist Leo Rostal in a concert titled A Night of Refugee Stars given at the Institutional Synagogue in New York. The concert was one of a series organised by the Placement Committee for German and Austrian Musicians.
  • Note: Gustav Wolf on Manhattan

    A note from Gustav Wolf containing thoughts on Manhattan (undated)

    The painter and graphic artist Gustav Wolf emigrated from Germany to New York in 1938. His   decision - which had a drastic effect on his work - was a direct consequence of the escalation of Nazi harassment and restrictions on Jews since 1933.
  • Note: Lili Schultz, some weary thoughts 1958

    A piece of notepaper with some weary thoughts by Lili Schultz about bureaucracy (circa 1958)

    Paper warfare in West Germany
  • Querido publishers: Accounting document for Konrad Merz

    Accounting document from Querido publishing house for Konrad Merz (1937)

    The author Konrad Merz would have never existed if it were not for his exile. First, the name is a pseudonym, a cover for Kurt Lehmann, who would never have created Konrad Merz if he had not been persecuted by the Nazis.
  • Document: accounts of the Gin Rummy Benefit

    Accounts of the Gin Rummy Benefit, 9 December 1940

    The European Film Fund was established by a group of German emigrants in Hollywood’s film industry in 1938 to support destitute immigrant colleagues. The Fund did not have much money to distribute, and at the same time the number of people in need was growing.
  • Adress book with telephone numbers: Eric Zeisl, the letter ‘F’

    Address book with telephone numbers: Eric Zeisl

    Networks on the West Coast
    To make in impression in Hollywood, one had to throw parties. The pianist and composer Zeisl accepted this, but otherwise distanced themselves from such events: “[.
  • Affidavit of Sponsorship for Ilse Bing and Konrad Wolff

    Affidavit of Sponsorship for Ilse Bing and Konrad Wolff (1940)

    The process described here as “prepared” by the writer Hermann Kesten, volunteer adviser at the Emergency Rescue Committee (ERC), was in fact an enormously laborious procedure. Every refugee applying for an emergency visa for the United States with the help of the ERC had to provide not only a financial guarantee, a curriculum vitae and proof of political persecution, but also an affidavit of sponsorship.
  • Affidavit: Eric Schaal

    Affidavit of Support for Eric Schaal (1935)

    The photographer Eric Schaal received his Affidavit of Support from Schye Schmidt, who worked in the wholesale butter and egg business in New York. According to the document, he was Schaal's cousin.