Matters of Exile

Envelope to and from Rudolf Forster
DLA Marbach

Matters of Exile

Project in the frame of the Kinderland Foundation's "Cultural Academy for Literature"

In the Kinderland Foundation's "Cultural Academy for Literature" with Silke Scheuermann and Matthias Göritz during the carnival holidays 2013, 20 students in the age of 12 to 15 years have discussed and written about exhibits from the Museum of Modern Literature, which all point out to one topic: What is exile? How can we understand and mediate it? Can we put ourselves in the position of other people and their situations? And: how much poetic freedom is allowed, when one tries to elicit the exile matter's stories?

One of the guests we hosted was Sergio Vesely, who started writing poetry in the concentration camps of the Chilean military dictatorship and received asylum in Germany in 1976.

Rudolf Arnheim: Eine verkehrte Welt

Bertolt Brecht in Santa Monica

Ein Brief von Rudolf Forster

Richard Hülsenbeck: Eine New Yorker Phantasie

Siegfried Kracauer: Georg

Siegfried Kracauers Presseausweis

Else Lasker-Schüler: Mein blaues Klavier

Katia und Thomas Mann: Identitätsausweis

Joseph Roth: Hiob

Arthur Schnitzler: Casanovas Heimfahrt

Anna Seghers: Das siebte Kreuz

Anna Seghers: Transit