Mascha Kaléko Online

Mascha Kaléko
DLA Marbach, Estate Mascha Kaléko, © Gisela Zoch-Westphal

Mascha Kaléko Online

Young Museum

By class 9d - students of the Friedrich-List-Secondary School in Asperg 2012/13.

The Jewish writer Mascha Kaléko (1907-1975) had to escape from Germany during the time of National Socialism just as many other Jews. Only in 1938, almost in the last minute, together with her husband, Chemjo Vinaver and their 2 year old son Steven, they boarded on a train to Paris. From there, their journey went on until they reached New York. The virtual exhibition displays what emigration meant for Mascha Kaléko. The years in exile have changed her entire life drastically. The 9d-class of the Friedrich-List-Secondary School in Asperg has designed this exhibition with originals from the author`s heritage, which is part of the collection of the German Literature Archive in Marbach. Through the links below you can arrive at different testimonials of Mascha Kaléko's escape and her time in exile. Besides important background information you also come to know what was most touching for the students about the fate of the writer and what the exhibition's objects meant on them.


Flucht und Exil

Schriftstellerin im Exil

Das Exil-Land: USA

Fremde der Heimat - Blick auf Deutschland