Become Part of the Young Museum Arts in Exile

Looking for godfathers
DLA Marbach

Become Part of the Young Museum Arts in Exile

Young Museum

The Young Museum of the Virtual Exhibition Arts in Exile presents possibilities of how concrete work with high school students, university students or other groups of young adults can look like. In the Young Museum, the visitors are becoming researchers an exhibition curators. They themselves can design virtual exhibitions by researching in archives, by finding or commenting on exhibits, by cross-linking themselves to other projects and adding own topics and perspectives to existing exhibitions.

To reach this objective and become a lively museum, the Young Museum needs 'goodfathers': High school and University students, teachers, artists, archive and museum contributors or lecturers who want to implement projekcts for the Young Exile Museum with young co-curators who are willing to advise others in the implementation process. So, if you want to collaborate in a project at the Young Museum, do get in touch with us!

For further information please contact:

Jesko Bender (, German Exile Archive 1933-1945 of the German National Library

Johannes Kempf (, German Literature Archive Marbach

Academic Advisory Board: 

Vanessa Greif (Project Teacher, DLA)

Erwin Krottenthaler (Deputy Director, Literaturhaus Stuttgart) Prof.Dr. Eckart Liebau (Council of the Board for Cultural Education) Martina Wolff (Writer)