Spe­cial ex­hi­bi­tions

Arts in Exile is an exhibition in a virtual space which looks at the arts under the conditions of exile. The aim of the exhibition is to show the life of artists in exile in its complexity and provide it with a fixed place within the contemporary culture of remembrance in Germany.

In addition to this permanent exhibition, there will also be special exhibitions at irregular intervals showing individual artists, circles of artists or concentrating on specific themes or subjects. Such exhibitions present a more in-depth look at their particular focus or allow you to discover things you may not have known before. Special exhibitions also offer the network partners in the Arts in Exile project a platform on which they can present their special area of expertise and the objects in their inventories. The thematic cabinets developed here shall remain in place alongside the permanent exhibition as thematic complexes and these can also be explored in connection with current events relevant to their content.