Das Bundesarchiv / The Federal Archives

Bundesarchiv 56075 Koblenz

Potsdamer Straße 1

56075 Koblenz

Das Bundesarchiv / The Federal Archives

The Federal Archives were established in 1952 and provide access to the most important source materials from Germany’s more recent history. The Archives take on and store documents in analogue or digital form which originate from the central public offices of the Federal Republic of Germany (since 1949), the GDR (1949-1990), the Allied-occupied zones in Germany (1945-1949), the German Reich (1867/71-1945), the German Confederation (1815-1866/67) and the Holy Roman Empire (1495-1806).

The Federal Archives also collect the estates of important personalities, documents from political parties, confederations and public associations of supra-regional importance as well as journalistic source materials.

On the basis of the Federal Archives Act [Bundesarchivgesetz], the Federal Archives decide whether the documents it obtains are of permanent value for research into or for an understanding of German history, for safeguarding the rightful interests of citizens or for the provision of information for legislation, public administration and jurisprudence.

The Federal Archives carries out its activities at nine locations throughout the entire federal Republic of Germany and has its headquarters in Koblenz.

Facts and figures

The Federal Archives store among other things 323 running kilometres of written texts, 12 million pictures, 80,000 posters, 1.9 million maps and plans, and 147,000 documentary and feature films.