A black-and-white photo montage divided into four: in the first section, an elderly policeman has a child by the hand. The child’s head has been replaced with the head of an SA man. The text below it says: “Dear Uncle Policeman, take me to the demonstration.” In the second picture, a tiny Adolf Hitler is walking between two police vehicles. Three police officers are standing facing away from Hitler at the edge of the picture. The text below it says “The darling of the people, Heil Hitler to you!” The picture in the third section shows the backs of three policemen with the face of Ernst Röhm in front of them, his hand covering his mouth. The text below says: “Röhm’s big day on Bülowplatz: ‘Ooh those cute policemen!’” In the picture in the fourth section, an SA man is looking at a page of the Nazi newspaper Der Angriff, with the headline “Berlin gehört uns!” (Berlin belongs to us). On the lower edge of the picture, two chickens are also reading the newspaper and the text below says “The chickens are having a good laugh!”