Watercolour in portrait format, the middle of which contains an image which is framed by a theatre curtain on the top and plants on the lower margin. Amid the plants, including roses – hidden in the middle on the bottom margin – is the “hat of the pamphlet” in the form of an “A”. The hat is painted into an execution block. Between these two frames, there is a crucified Christ figure whose arms flow into the corners of the theatre curtain. The cross is missing; instead, the figure seems to be hanging from the initials “FS” placed across the centre of the picture. At the chest-level of the crucified figure, the number “19” appears on the left side, and the number “30” on the right. This centred image is bordered by a banner. The other portion of the letter, which encloses the picture like a frame, also contains a banner, which, however, runs horizontally in three bands at the height of the breast of the crucified figure. On the lower margin of the “frame” there are more plants, from which a skull – located in the middle of the lower margin – emerges. Somewhat above the skull are the initials of Oscar Zügel – an “O” with a “Z” inside of it.