Black and white photo of a scene from the "Stimmungsbild" sketch. In the foreground is a table with a cheque table cloth, three carafes of wine and a glass. Behind this, two chair backs can be seen. Hans Sklenka, Erika Mann and Therese Giehse are standing behind the table, facing the camera. Erika Mann is wearing a tight, white ruffled blouse and is smiling. Hans Sklenka's left hand is running through his back-combed hair, he is wearing a pale crumpled shirt; something dark is draped over his right shoulder. Therese Giehse is wearing a dark dirndl with a pale apron and striped shoulders, her eyes are darkly made up, her headscarf is knotted at the front and is also striped. In the background is a garland and a lantern with a smiling face; above is a sign with a photo showing the word "Heuriger", cut off at the top.