• Agnon, Samuel Joseph

    1888-1970, born in Galicia, he wrote in Hebraic. As a Zionist, he lived from 1908 onwards in Palestine.
  • Aichinger, Ilse

    born 1921, Austrian writer who lived with her mother in Vienna during Nazi rule. A “half-Jew”, as long as she was a minor, her mother was able to protect her from deportation. When she came of age, she was then kept hidden by her mother in their one-room apartment until the end of the war.
  • Aktionsgruppe Banat

    A group of German-speaking school pupils and students in Temeswar (Rumania), that published critical texts. They established themselves in 1972 and were dissolved by the secret police force Securitate in 1975.
  • Alfaro Siqueiros, David

    1896-1974, Mexican painter and graphic artist
  • Altes Herz geht auf die Reise

    – novel by Hans Fallada, published in 1936
  • American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

    A Jewish aid organisation set up in the USA in 1914 to help Jews all over the world.
  • Anderson, Robin

    also known as Robin Hay Anderson, born in 1913, British actor and writer
  • André, Etkar

    1894 – 1936, German communist politician in the KPD, resistance fighter, arrested on 5 March 1933 and executed following an unjust trial in Hamburg on 10 July 1936.
  • Antinazi-Freiheitsbewegung (Anti-Nazi Freedom Movement)

    Exile organisation of German opponents of Hitler in Columbia, 1941 – 1943
  • Aragon, Louis

    (1897-1982), French writer