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Foundation Clément Moreau

Carl Joseph Meffert (pseudonym Clément Moreau) established the Stiftung Clément Moreau in Zurich in 1984 with his wife Nelly Meffert-Guggenbühl, his daughter Argentina Meffert, his son Claudio Meffert and Margherita Brenner.

The foundation was set up in the spirit of the work of Clément Moreau and the painters and graphic artists who with their works made a contribution to the fight against oppression and for the liberation of their fellow human beings.

Clément Moreau belongs to a generation of artists who were active in the Weimar Republic and the Second World War. It was a time of political uncertainties and existential threats. The art that was created in these years became a mirror of the times. That is one of the reasons why these works are forever in danger of being forgotten.

The foundation is dedicated to preserving the works of Clément Moreau and making them accessible to the public through exhibitions, publications and other means. It supports artists who share the foundation's ideals and exchanges information and image material with other institutions to make them accessible to the public.